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Roger Matthei Villalobos 

Partner | Tax Lawyer 

Taxation and Patrimony Reoganization

Phone: 56 (2) 27992455

Double LL.M. Masters Degree (Highest Honour), PUC. 

LL.M. Masters in Taxation, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. 

LL.M. Masters in Corporate Law Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Ph.Dip. Postgraduate Seminar in Management, MIT-USA.  

Law Bachelosr's Degree (Academic Excellence Award), UGM. 

Our founding partner focuses his professional skills in the reorganization of family patrimonies, and in complex corporate restructuring. He has given consultancy on various fiscal and hereditary situations, on corporate governance processes, control and administration of those assets, as well as on the purchase, sale, transfer and/or transaction of family assets. In addition, he has focused his practice on complex negotiations during companies’ acquisition and merger scenarios.

With regard to his professional practice, he has experience in both the public and private sectors. He worked as a tax lawyer at the Chilean Tax Office (SII), where he worked as an analyst on the Tax Law Reform rules of 2014, and participated in the writing and analysis of multiple instructions and documents released by the Legal Subdirector of the SII, as well as in the study of relevant judicial and administrative tax jurisprudence.


Additionally, he has given several Conferences on Tax Law Reform at various Institutions and Universities of the country, such as the University of Chile; the Exporters & Manufacturers Association (ASEXMA); the Chilean Chamber of Construction (CChC), as well as the National Direction of the Chilean Tax Office, conference that was especially given for the Israeli Tax Director. Futhermore, he has given tax lectures on relevant jurisprudence in the Large Taxpayers Direction (DGC) of the Internal Revenue Service, among others.

As another part as his academic activities, he teaches in the Chair of Economic Law of the Gabriela Mistral University.

He has an LL.M. in Tax Law and an LL.M. in Business Law, degrees that he achieved  the maximum distinction, at the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile. In addition, he completed postgraduate courses on complex negotiation, market techniques and business management at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston, USA. And he has also participated in several specialization courses at the Tax Training School of the Chilean Tax Office, among which we can mention the lectures on the "Tax Reform 2014"; "Income Tax Law"; "Tributary Code"; "Ethics and Probity", etc.


He achieved his Law Bachelor’s degree, with the Academic Excellence Award, at the Gabriela Mistral University (UGM). Also, in his undergraduate studies, he received university recognition for his academic excellence and his contribution to the university community.

He is a member of the Chilean Tax Law Institute (ICHDT), the International Fiscal Association (IFA), The Lawyers Bar Association of Chile, and finally of the Club de la Unión de Santiago.

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