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Our Firm

Our Law Firm stands out and is characterized by providing tax legal advice in an exclusive way. 

We are committed with high standards of quality services, seeking permanently being close to our clients, in order to provide them with fast and efficient solutions. Our professional performance is related to profound ethical values, bringing added value to our work.

We are specialized in all matters related with Tax Law, including Local and International taxation. Our solid professional experience is extended to family wealth, and to the reorganization of complex companies’ structures, optimizing the tax situation that can affect company’s owners. 


Our staff of legal experts, accountants, auditors and business experts, highly specialized in tax issues, has a relevant professional experience, which allow us to provide a complete and comprehensive service, including finance, accounting, tax, corporate an also commercial matters.   


For the staff of MATTHEI Lawyers and Tax Advisors, it is essential to be constantly improving, which is why our members are part of the most important academic and tax advisors institutions in the country, such as the Chilean Institute of Tax Law (ICHDT), The International Fiscal Association (IFA) The Chilean Accountants Bar A.G. and the Chilean Bar Association A.G., both professional associations.   

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